Please entrust supplying PE&PP bags, tapes, stretch film, jumbo bags, gloves, and sanitary goods, to Eu Esu Sangyo Co., Ltd.

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Message From the President
Message From the President
First of all, thank you very much for your seeing our website.
At the present we must supply the products which are friendly to the environment, usuful and convenient for customers, and also costly low in packaging materials and consumable supplies material.
If not so, we are in severe market environment unsupported by customers.

We are always seeking how the customers can be satisfied with products andeffective information.
As the basis of our company motto - "originality & innovation," "heart & effort,"
"respect customers & love products," striving for business with all the staffs here to raise intelligence network, products knowledge, and speedy action is our mission and duty.

As well as domestic products, we are importing many kinds of products from overseas manufacturers directly with global development.
By suppying qualified and low-cost products, many customers have given us trustworthy and support to us. So we have been increasing hundreds of new business accounts every year. And that leads to our joy and vitality.

I owe our success to our every customer and I really appreciate for a gift of all staff's positive attitude to the work.
Without satisfaction to the present situation, we will keep making more effort to raise customers' satisfaction more and more and to be worth existing company. Thank you in advance for your continuous support and favor ever since.

Koji Saito